To be accepted into the Georgia Youth ChalleNGe program,a potential candidate must be:

  • Committed to making a change in their life
  • Between 16-18 years of age (Males and Females can enroll)
  • U.S. Citizen or permanent resident 
  • Georgia Resident 
  • Educationally at-risk or High School dropout
  • Voluntary enrollment 
  • Drug-Free (All cadets will be drug tested) 
  • Physically and mentally capable to participate in the program 
  • Not awaiting sentencing, not under indictment, accused or convicted of a felony.
  • Not currently on parole or probation for other than juvenile status offenses. 
  • You cannot have any pending court dates once the program starts

Important Information for Applicants!

The application below is the first step in applying to the Georgia Youth ChalleNGe Program. Upon submission, you will receive an email with instructions on the required forms necessary for the preliminary screening process. 

The required supplemental admissions documents can be submitted to us via our documents e-mail address:

Applicant Information

Did you volunteer for this program?
Have you ever applied to YCA before?
Are you a resident of Georgia?
Are you a citizen of the United States?


Current/Last School Attended
Your Student Classification is

(Provide a complete academic transcript)

Have you withdrawn from school?

Applicant Employment Information


Important Note: You must be honest about your legal involvement and for any of the questions above you answered YES to, you must complete and submit the Legal History Form and provide copies of all court documents pertaining to the incidents you identify in your explanations. The Legal History Form is available in the Required Documents section.


Have you ever voluntarily or been required to attend formal mental health treatment?

Parent/Legal Guardian Information

Relationship to Student
Authorized to make Education & Medical Rights Decisions?
What is preferred method of contact?

Additional Parent/Guardian Information

Relationship to Student
Authorized to make Education & Medical Rights Decisions?
What is preferred method of contact?

Please read the statements below before submitting the application

I understand that my application will be considered only after the required documents have been received and that at any time, my application process can be terminated without notification by myself or the Youth ChalleNGe Program during the candidate selection process. The information provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I will report any and all changes to my application information to the Georgia Youth ChalleNGe Program. I understand that my acceptance into the Youth ChalleNGe Program is contingent upon the accuracy of the information contained herein.
After you complete the initial application, please visit our required documents page and download the  Candidate Application Documents for the next step in the admissions process.
The Georgia Youth ChalleNGe Program does not exclude any person based on race, color, national origin, gender or religion