Fort Gordon

The Fort Gordon Youth ChalleNGe Academy

The Youth ChalleNGe Academy at Fort Gordon (FGYCA) was established in September 2000, and is located on Fort Gordon, near Augusta, Georgia. We serve 16-18 year olds from across the state, which come from all socio-economic backgrounds.

FGYCA uses a military model to transform the lives of our students, by employing a tough, no nonsense approach to discipline and a caring, patient, and determined attitude toward education. We are partnered with Foothills Education Charter High School. This allows eligible cadets the opportunity to complete their High School Diploma while at the Youth ChalleNGe Academy.

Classes begin twice each year, in January and in July, and are continuous for 5 ½ months. Following the residential phase of the program, the Cadets must complete the 12 month post-residential phase in order to successfully complete the Youth ChalleNGe Program.  The Academy has graduated 15,753 Cadets since its inception. 




Dear Candidates, Parents, Guardians & Mentors:

Welcome to the Fort Gordon Youth ChalleNGe Academy!   We look forward to working with you.   Your first day with the Fort Gordon Youth ChalleNGe Academy is on Monday, October 10, 2022.  Please arrive fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled time at Savannah Rapids Pavilion, 3300 Evans-to-Locks Road, Martinez, GA 30907 .  The candidate’s arrival time is determined by the county where you live. See the reporting map in the Intake Day information link below.

Female candidates should report wearing properly fitting black slacks, a white shirt, and black leather shoes (heels need to be less than 1 inch).   Please, no artificial hair, mini or micro braids.  Natural hair color.

  • Male candidates will report wearing properly fitting black slacks, a black belt, a white shirt, a black tie, black socks, and black leather shoes. Hair must not exceed ¼ inch.  

All body piercings must be removed prior to reporting. Please see the enclosed “uniform for social occasions” for specific details on the dress code on page E. 

Candidates, please remember to bring your official school withdrawal form and transcript.  For the safety of our program, all candidates will be administered a COVID-19 test during intake without regard to vaccination status.

You will also need to bring your current, non-expired, Georgia ID (driver’s license or non-driver ID) or a valid Federal ID. These are the only forms of identification we can accept, as they are required for GED testing and are in accordance with the State Department of Technical and Adult Education guidelines.   

All Candidates must submit these documents no later than Monday, October 10, 2022, for admission to the Youth ChalleNGe Academy. Candidates not in possession of a current Georgia ID or valid Federal ID will not be admitted.



Jarvise Reid

Program Director

 Please download the Class #44 Intake Information Packet below

Class #44 Intake Information Packet

Here is a list of necessary application documents for all candidates.

Candidate Application Documents