COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information and Frequently Asked Questions

As health conditions have frequently changed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adjusted our policies and procedures to address the safety of our cadets and staff. Based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Georgia Department of Public Health (GaDPH), the Georgia Youth Challenge Program reopened our academies 15-17 August 2020. The decision to reopen was made only after thorough review guidance and best practices from many sources. Our policies and procedures were reviewed by medical and public health professionals with a clear understanding of our residential programs.

We will continue to update this COVID-19 FAQ page as our workgroups update any details regarding how we best operate during this pandemic.

We know that our families, cadets, and staff members need clear answers on what to expect as we continue this class cycle. We continue to work closely with our medical partners to refine our practices so that our cadets and staff remain in our residential instruction program at our campuses located at Fort Stewart and Fort Gordon, as well as the Job Challenge Academy.

We have also developed daily operation protocols to include in-depth contingency plans in the event that a staff member or cadet presents with any symptoms of COVID-19. These protocols will be based on the best available modeling data, along with updated guidance from the CDC and GaDPH.

We thank you for your patience and look forward to sharing more details soon.

This information is provided to you so that you may understand how our organization is managing and monitoring our on-campus operations in this COVID-19 pandemic environment.