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Matching cadets with a caring, responsible mentor is one of the most important components of the Ft. Stewart Youth Challenge Academy experience. The relationship between the cadet and mentor is arguably the most important relationship of the Challenge program. The mentor acts as an anchor of support to the cadet during their 5 ? month Residential Phase and continues supporting him/her throughout their 12-month Post-Residential Phase (a total of 17 1/2 months). Details on the mentoring responsibilities are fully communicated in the mandatory Mentor Training Session. The Ft. Stewart Youth Challenge Academy offers this training multiple times each class. Mentors are only required to attend (1) session.

Mentors must be:

  • At least 21 years of age.
  • The same gender as their cadet.
  • Within reasonable geographic proximity.
  • Not of the same household, immediate family (parent, step-parent, boyfriend/girlfriend of parent, sister, brother), Challenge Staff or their spouses.
  • Able to successfully pass a criminal background check.
  • Able to attend the mandatory Mentor Training at Ft. Stewart, GA.
  • A good role model who demonstrates by example the type of life skills, work ethics, and attitudes necessary to be a productive member of society.

We expect our mentors to:

  1. Attend (1) Mentor Training Session, lasting (4) hours, time with cadet afterwards.
  2. Weekly contact with the student while he/she is enrolled in the program during their Residential Phase (22 weeks). The primary method of communication with our students is letters/e-mails (to your assigned Post-Residential Advisor). Students do not have access to computers.
  3. Be actively involved with helping the students establish viable Post-Residential Action Plan (P-RAP), future plans.
  4. Assist the student in obtaining “Placement” by the time they complete their Residential Phase (employment, education, volunteer, military).
  5. Upon completion of the Residential Phase, maintain monthly contact with your student (at least 4 times per month), during the Post-Residential Phase, which lasts 12-months.
  6. Submit monthly reports detailing these contacts and the student’s “placement”, to the Post-Residential Department (due the 1st of each month).
  7. Mentors are required to have as much contact with their student as possible via letters, phone calls, during Home Passes, during the Residential Phase. The goal is to establish or maintain a trusting relationship between you and your student. That way, when the student begins their "Post-Residential Phase", you will be able to support, encourage, and motivate him/her in making responsible decisions.
  8. Mentors are required to commit to their student for a total of 17+ months (5 ½ month Residential Phase, 12-month Post-Residential Phase).
  9. If after reviewing this information, and you cannot meet our mentor expectations, please inform the person you were going to mentor, so they can find another mentor quickly. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the Post-Residential Department.

Your Support Team

Mrs. Fisher, Lead Post-Residential Advisor
(912) 876-1743 or

Ms. Rose, Post-Residential Advisor
(912) 876-1741

Ms. Sinclair, Post-Residential Advisor
(912) 876-1744

Ms. Taylor, Post-Residential Advisor
(912) 876-1777

Mr. Moss, Post-Residential Advisor
(912) 876-1779

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