Medical - Fort Stewart

Our Mission

To provide emergency medical treatment, conduct sick call, treat minor injuries, and routine illnesses. In addition, coordinate treatment for cadets at other Medical and Dental Treatment Facilities.

Sick Call Hours

Monday - Friday: 0800 - 0900 & 1300 - 1400
Saturday & Sunday: 0800 - 1000

Prescription Medication Administration

It is the parent(s) or guardian(s) responsibility to ensure their child have any required prescription medication for the entire time they are at Youth Challenge Academy. When possible, they should arrive with two month supply of medication with sufficient refills to take them through this 22-week program. If you are sending the medication or the prescription, do not mail it to the cadet; use the below address. Cadets are never allowed to have medication with them, to include over the counter medications. All medications must be administered under the supervision of the Medical Department. Medications and prescriptions must arrive in ample amount of time to avoid any disruption in receiving their medication (preferable five days prior to medication on hand running out).

If you have any questions or problems, please call: 912-876-1735 OR 912-876-1733

Regular Mail Address
Youth ChalleNGe Academy
Medical Department
P. O. Box 3610
Ft. Stewart, GA 31315-3610

Special Delivery Address
Youth Challenge Academy
Medical Department
16th and Niles Ave
Bldg. 13536A
Ft. Stewart, GA 31315-3610

Medical Readiness for Youth Challenge

All cadets will be physically examined within the first two weeks of the program to determine if they are healthy and physically capable of participating in the various required aspects of the program, to include marching and physical training. If the examination indicates the cadet is in need of a specialist to examine him/her to determine medical fitness, it may be necessary to have the cadet return home for this examination.
Additionally, if at any time a cadet is determined to be medically disqualified, the cadet will be dismissed from the program. To avoid the inconvenience of having a cadet dismissed for medical reasons after you have expended time and money to get him to Youth Challenge, we recommend you contacting the Medical or Admission department to discuss any medical or psychological problem or history before reporting to the campus. This is especially true if your child experiences a significant medical change (accident, seizure, high temperature, etc.) just before reporting to Youth Challenge.


The Medicaid State Plan is a contract between the state and the Federal Government describing how Georgia administers its Medicaid program funding through Peachcare, Wellcare, AmeriGroup and Peach State. If you are currently using Medicaid, you must transfer your medical care to the physician serving your child while at YCA. This will require you to discontinue food stamp for this child until after he/she is no long in YCA. You will be instructed how to do so once your child have been accepted into the program. In order to continue to receive medical treatment under Medicaid, you MUST NOT reestablish food stamp eligibility for this student. To do so will discontinue their Medicaid eligibility in our area and make you responsible for any medical bills incurred. Additionally, it is fraud to receive food stamp for a child the government is paying to feed at YCA. You are responsible for any cost share associated with Medicaid or your private insurance.

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