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Mission: The Mission of the Education Department is to afford each Cadet the opportunity to earn a GED or to complete his/her High School Diploma. The academic transcripts of each Cadet are carefully screened in order to place our Cadets into the best academic program that will allow them to complete the requirements for and to earn an Education Credential prior to graduating from our Academy; thus affording our Cadets an opportunity to attend a four year College or University, to attend a Technical College, or to enter the workforce following graduation.

Required Documents: All students are asked to provide the following documentation to the Education Department as part the enrollment process with YCA: *Birth Certificate * Legal Name Change Documentation* Current Identification Card /Driver?s License (GA) *High School Transcript * High School Withdrawal Form * IEP /504 Plan with all supporting documentation *Copy of Social Security Card

Academic Phase: Students will attend academic classes and life skill classes Monday through Friday from 0845-1630. All classes are 1.5 hours in length with a 15 minute break between classes. Lunch is scheduled from 1200-1330. All classes are taught by instructors and the academic rigor of each class requires Cadets to be actively engaged during each class session. As a result, Cadets typically graduate from our program showing an academic improvement of 2-3 grade levels.

GED Program: The GED consists of 4 subject area exams. The subject areas are Mathematics, Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. Cadets must pass each subject area exam. To earn a GED, the student must pass each subject area exam with a score between 145 and 200.

High School Diploma Program: Transcripts of students are carefully screened to determine if a student meets the qualifications to participate in the program. To be considered for the High School Diploma, student transcripts are carefully screened to determine if they meet the initial criteria:
*Classified as a high school Junior * Has earned 16-16.5 high school credits * Has completed and passed at least 2 courses in each of the core content areas * Has taken and passed exams such as EOCTs, GHSWT exam.

Academic Support: We offer a tutoring program to provide each student with additional academic support in their academic classes for both the GED Program and the High School Diploma Program. Our program is supported by volunteers and staff members. Tutoring is offered two evenings a week. In addition, instructors will work with students outside of assigned class periods. Students are expected to attend tutoring.

Parental Involvement: Parents are encouraged to become partners with the Instructors as we strive to help your child earn an Education Credential. Parents are encouraged to correspond with us through email.

GA GED transcript request form GA GED transcript request form

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